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The family-owned company DEGUMA-SCHÜTZ GmbH is a medium-sized mechanical engineering business. We have specialised in overhauling and modernising pre-owned equipment for the rubber and plastic processing industry.


HistorischesRessourcen schonen und Effizienz steigern

Worldwide, the demand for rubber and plastic products is on the rise and so is the need for production machinery. Pre-owned machines have a vital advantage over new machines: faster availability at lower investment!

The special expertise that gives DEGUMA the edge stems from many years of experience in modernising second-hand machinery according to current standards. To achieve this, we use the latest technology and carry out all mechanical and welding engineering associated with overhauling and upgrading at our own site. The same applies to the construction and implementation of need-based electrical controls. That way, we are the single source for all processes involved.

Without compromise, we focus on delivering the highest quality and finest German workmanship through our mechanical engineering as well as our service department. Our performance is based on a strong team with high aspirations. In order to live up to these aspirations, DEGUMA offers sustainable all-round solutions that are proven in the field, ensuring that the right machine is at the right place at the right time.

The satisfaction of our customers is proof that we are on the right track.


1990The company was founded in Weyhers, Germany by Winfried and Barbara Schütz
1995Relocation of the company to its present location in Geisa, Germany, near Frankfurt
1999Acquisition of the Kannegiesser mould carrier program for the manufacture of new machinery used in the PUR production. To this day, mould carrier maintenance, repairs and spare parts are part of our services
2008Expansion of the company site through a new, additional workshop building (plant II)
TodayWe have 5,600 square metres of workshop and storage area in Geisa, Germany; this allows us to keep a selection of approximately 500 machines in stock at all times